The story of a single morning

Close your eyes! What do you see? Listen…
A little story, that tells you much about your own stereotypes. You don’t understand?
Listen to the end – and then perhaps listen again…

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(Music partly from “Bebeto” – Luca De Bernardi)


Interview with Samuel Njiki

Samuel Njiki is a professional intercultural trainer from Bremen. At the beginning of our German African Media Camp, we took part in his workshop about stereotypes. So who could be a better expert to ask about stereotypes, prejudices, how to avoid them – and about this interesting job?!

Interview with Samuel Njiki

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What do you eat? What do you dream of?

What African country would Christian love to see? Which food makes Ann feeling calm? And – important! – what are our dreams of future?
Getting to know each other is the best way to fight stereotypes!
Further down you can hear Ann interviewing us other members of „Comenga Radio Station“. But there are still questions left – and Ann has to be asked herself… Listen and get to know us a little better!

That's us 1 Interviewing each other 1 Interviewing each other 2


Ann wants to know…

From the weather to god and from christmas to favourite hairstyles: Ann was asking A LOT of questions to all the members of our “Comenga Radio Station”: Mercy from Nigeria, Gloria from Tansania and Jule and Christian from Germany. Ann herself is coming from Nigeria.
We all join the German African Media Camp in Bremen in northern Germany. By producing our own podcasts, we want to combat stereotypes in media – and we want to show you more about us and our views of the world.